About Koray Saridogan

He was born on August 14, 1987 in Ankara, capitol of Turkey.

He completed his undergraduate degree at Çanakkale 18 Mart University, Department of Turkish Language and Literature, and his master’s degree at Sakarta University New Turkish Literature Department with thesis about “Translation, Systematic Index and Analysis of Ahmet Mithat Efendi’s  Journal named Dağarcık“.

He is the founding editor of the literary medium

He has appeared in periodicals such as KalemKahveKlavye, 221B Magazine, Episode Magazine, TR!P Magazine, Ayı Magazine, and in compilation books such as “Nothing Happens to Me: HIV Positive Stories”.

He mostly writes and prepares files on literary research and criticism, book reviews, alternative culture and esoteric research.

Currently, he works as the editorial director of as well as the editor of photojournalist Coşkun Aral.
And he continues to write -of course-.

He lives between Alanya and Istanbul.
Married and father of two cats…

ALL BOOKS (Click Covers for Details)

Watchmaker and Photographer
Novel, 2015

Heart of Chaos
Novel, 2020

Underground Library
Nonfiction (Research, 2020)

Edgar Allan Poe Biography:
The Raven,
Nonfiction (Biography, 2020)

Esotericism and Literature,
Nonfiction (Research, 2020)

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