Tragic, Dark and Mysterious: Edgar Allan Poe’s First Biography Written in Turkish on shelves!

His darkness was not exclusive to his poems and stories: Edgar Allan Poe lived in a spiritual darkness from fetus to grave.

He turned from a child who ran away crying when he saw a grave to a writer describing corpses, the resurrected dead, and other worlds.

Poe, whose life and art were connected like the two sides of a coin, was persona non grata in his lifetime, but the intervening centuries have shown what a powerful mind and pen he was.

“The scariest monsters are the ones that lurk within our souls.”

Koray Sarıdoğan, one of the prolific names of recent years, wrote about Edgar Allan Poe’s life and art in the style of a novel’s hero, but without breaking away from the facts presented by various sources.

Edgar Allan Poe influenced not only genres such as poetry, horror, detective, gothic, science fiction, but an entire literary legacy. Our dark, uneasy and uncanny souls continue to be shaken by his words even today. Perceptions, artistic and literary tastes have changed over the ages; The truth was bent a thousand times and evolved into another truth, but Poe continued to preserve his place at the highest peaks of literary history, surpassing both his own time and those that followed him.

It was not people’s later understanding of Poe that revealed his worth; the spirit of the time and the god of literature carved his name into history and memories. He himself was like his strange predictions in his stories: He had been sent before of his time.

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Watchmaker and Photographer
Novel, 2015

Heart of Chaos
Novel, 2020

Underground Library
Nonfiction (Research, 2020)

Edgar Allan Poe Biography:
The Raven,
Nonfiction (Biography, 2020)

Esotericism and Literature,
Nonfiction (Research, 2020)

Koray Saridogan was born on August 14, 1987 in Ankara, Turkey. He is the founding editor of the Turkish literary medium
He has appeared in several periodicals and in compilation books such as “Nothing Happens to Me: HIV Positive Stories”. He mostly writes and prepares files on literary research and criticism, book reviews, alternative culture and esoteric research.
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