Esoteric Literature is a product of the pen friendships of Kubilayhan Yalcin and Koray Sarıdoğan that started in the virtual world. An interdisciplinary research on esotericism based on documents, avoiding the establishment of conspiracy theories, without breaking with the literary theme.

Through which symbols and concepts did the knowledge ranging from occultists to spies turn into mystical imperialism in James Bond novels?

From gods in the body to apostles in the sky: is an astrological or astrotheological approach possible to Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code?

How did Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes, and Aleister Crowley, one of the most mysterious figures of all time, cross paths in mysterious societies? Why did they never like each other?

We learned about the historical and literary aspects of the legend of Count Dracula. So what did it have to do with Abdulhamid and the Masonic lodges?

What surprises lurk in the intersections of the Star Wars universe with its history and symbols of esotericism?

What does the “superhuman” Superman, who descended from another planet to our world, tell us with the Hebrew mythology he hides under his red cloak?

How did Tolkien’s subconscious, who created Lord of the Rings and unique middle-earth fantasies, simultaneously inspire Nazis, hippies, and new world religions?


VITRIOL, an alchemical maxim, stands for: “Visit the depths of the earth, and you will find the hidden stone as you refine it.” Kubilayhan Yalcin and Koray Saridogan; They invite the reader to a journey where they discover deeper and deeper as they visit the depths of literature, esotericism and our world.

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Watchmaker and Photographer
Novel, 2015

Heart of Chaos
Novel, 2020

Underground Library
Nonfiction (Research, 2020)

Edgar Allan Poe Biography:
The Raven,
Nonfiction (Biography, 2020)

Esotericism and Literature,
Nonfiction (Research, 2020)

Koray Saridogan was born on August 14, 1987 in Ankara, Turkey. He is the founding editor of the Turkish literary medium
He has appeared in several periodicals and in compilation books such as “Nothing Happens to Me: HIV Positive Stories”. He mostly writes and prepares files on literary research and criticism, book reviews, alternative culture and esoteric research.
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