“No one is as lonely as they think. Even the heroes…”

A young man who took refuge in his loneliness in the absence of his mother and father who went after him without giving any reason: Tibet…

A dark force preparing to fill the void left by the growing loneliness in Tibet with a great mission…

The plans of Baron Rudolf von Sebottendorf, the creator of the Nazis and an Ottoman citizen, who said that we have a second shelter, have survived the times and reached today…

The Blue Dragon, which is mentioned in a shamanic prophecy and whose emergence is only a matter of time…

Everything begins in Istanbul, the Heart of Chaos, right between the two Medusa heads in the Basilica Cistern! Again…

When the ancient door hidden by Ricalü’l Gayb opens again, Tibetan arms, who do not know yet that he is a superhero, but are prepared for it without realizing it, are rolling up his sleeves.

Although he has no plans for heroism other than learning the truth about his life, a great war is calling him at the door where the realms open to each other!

A cosmic and esoteric superhero story. With its action that leaves the reader breathless, The Heart of Chaos will be in your hands until the last page!

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Watchmaker and Photographer
Novel, 2015

Heart of Chaos
Novel, 2020

Underground Library
Nonfiction (Research, 2020)

Edgar Allan Poe Biography:
The Raven,
Nonfiction (Biography, 2020)

Esotericism and Literature,
Nonfiction (Research, 2020)

Koray Saridogan was born on August 14, 1987 in Ankara, Turkey. He is the founding editor of the Turkish literary medium
He has appeared in several periodicals and in compilation books such as “Nothing Happens to Me: HIV Positive Stories”. He mostly writes and prepares files on literary research and criticism, book reviews, alternative culture and esoteric research.
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