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The adventure of the rock subculture in Turkey in the process from the 80s, which prepared the 90s rock culture, to the aftermath of 2000, brought by the winds of change that brought the world to the 21st century, is in the Underground Library prepared by Koray Sarıdoğan with very special notes and documents.

In Turkey, the nineties were a period when rock music and culture spread, among other changes. With this music, which the youth of the 80s adopted as a means of expression, they created a subculture against the colorfully packaged popular culture of the period. It was such a subculture that it spread to music books, magazines, fanzines, and even beyond rock to literature.

So, was the nineties a golden age for Turkey or a misfortune? Koray Sarıdoğan tells the answer to this question from a realistic point of view, without breaking away from the political background, through the subculture of the period sprouting from Rock.

  • How did rock music shaped the subculture, music publishing, magazines, fanzines and literature of the ’90s?
  • Did Turkey’s first fanzine come out of a university tea party?
  • The magazine that didn’t publish the Bob Marley article, “He’s Smoking Marijuana,” and which other magazine brought forward the publication date because he was angry with that magazine?
  • Who is the editor who was shot down when trying to bring together Orhan Gencebay and Sex Pistols in the same magazine?
  • Why did Ahmet Kaya praise Cloudlessness Longing? What is the meaning of Fethullah Gülen detail in Barış Manço and Cem Karaca books?
  • Why did leftists dislike the rockers, the 68th Generation Beat?
  • What did the youth of the 90s find in Beat Literature?
  • How did the publishing adventure of Bukowski, Fante, Ginsberg, Brautigan in Turkish go?
  • Suicidal writers of the 90s and the subject of “underground literature”.
  • The “Rock magazine” competition of Doğan, Sabah, Hürriyet and Milliyet groups…

Accompanied by the exclusive interviews of Altay Öktem, Aptülika, Çağlan Tekil, Murat Beşer, Şenol Erdoğan…

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Watchmaker and Photographer
Novel, 2015

Heart of Chaos
Novel, 2020

Underground Library
Nonfiction (Research, 2020)

Edgar Allan Poe Biography:
The Raven,
Nonfiction (Biography, 2020)

Esotericism and Literature,
Nonfiction (Research, 2020)

Koray Saridogan was born on August 14, 1987 in Ankara, Turkey. He is the founding editor of the Turkish literary medium
He has appeared in several periodicals and in compilation books such as “Nothing Happens to Me: HIV Positive Stories”. He mostly writes and prepares files on literary research and criticism, book reviews, alternative culture and esoteric research.
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